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Palermo Union Elementary School District

Building the Foundation of Success

Enrollment Process

Before a family is enrolled into the California State Preschool Program, the parent/guardian will meet with an enrollment staff member to go over and obtain all paperwork required by PUESD Preschool, California Department of Education, and Community Care Licensing.
The parent will need to do the following:
  • Complete PUESD Preschool Application
  • Supply documentation to verify family's income (minimum 3 months pay stubs).
  • Supply documentation to support family size
  • Supply documentation to verify the family's need for child care (not applicable for part day services)
  • Supply up-to-date immunization records for child being enrolled
  • Within 30 days of enrollment, supply a completed Physician's Report (LIC 70) 
The PUESD Preschool Application and any applicable paperwork will be provided at the time of the enrollment appointment.
*Please note: It is important for parents to complete the enrollment requirements as quickly as possible after receiving the paperwork. Delays in completing the enrollment requirements may cause a delay in the family's enrollment or loss of the enrollment space. While staff will assist as much as possible in providing parents a list of documentation necessary to meet the need and eligibility requirements, ultimately the burden of proof is the parents' responsibility. If a parent cannot supply verification documentation to verify need and eligibility, PUESD is prohibited, by state regulations, from enrolling a child or continuing a child's enrollment in the California State Preschool Program.