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Palermo Union Elementary School District

Building the Foundation of Success

Our Mission, Vision & Goals

Vision Statement

All Palermo students will receive a meaningful and challenging education, fostering lifelong learning and motivating them to become contributing member of society.

Mission Statement

In partnership with parents and community stakeholders, the mission of the Palermo Union Elementary School District is to create the conditions necessary for every student to achieve our vision. 

Goals & Objectives

1. Academic Achievement
    Provide every student with opportunities to attain increasing levels of individual achievement, preparing them for success in the 21st century. 
2. Safe & Engaging Environment
    Ensure a safe, healthy, and engaging environment conductive to learning. 
3. Community Partnership
    Build effective partnerships with our constituents.
4. Fiscal Responsibility
    Monitor and adjust the District budget to ensure solvency and maintain local control of our schools.
Board Approved: May 1, 2013
Statement from the Palermo Union Elementary School District

Statement from the Palermo Union Elementary School District

At Palermo Union Elementary School District, we uphold the principles of free speech and place a strong emphasis on civility. We are aware of a sign created by a Trustee during a solidarity march in Oroville several weeks ago. It is important to acknowledge that each Trustee, employee, and student has the right to their First Amendment freedoms and the liberty to express their views. However, it is crucial to remind the community that individual Trustees do not speak for the Palermo Union School District or its Board of Trustees.
We understand the frustration and pain currently affecting our District and communities nationwide. The Board of Trustees stands firmly against racism and racial injustices, advocating for equality within our classrooms and campuses. Our goal is to responsibly implement strategies that ensure equal access to quality education and provide a safe environment for all stakeholders.
We also recognize and deeply appreciate our first responders and law enforcement officers, not only for their crucial roles during this pandemic but also for their years of dedicated service to our community. Our gratitude towards them is profound.
Achieving our goals requires action and commitment in the boardroom. Our Board is ready to listen and take necessary steps towards positive change.