Information Technology

In accordance with the National Educational Technology Goals, the goal of the Palermo Union School District Technology Plan is to improve teaching and learning by using existing and emerging technologies as tools throughout the curriculum to improve student achievement and to increase student and teacher knowledge of educational technology.

The Palermo Union School District makes the fundamental assumption that technology should be viewed as an essential educational tool which can enhance student learning at all levels and which can be used to expand the scope of the curriculum in new, creative, and innovative ways.

National Education Technology Goals

Goal 1: All students and teachers will have access to information technology in their
classrooms, schools communities and homes.

Goal 2: All teachers will use technology effectively to help students achieve high academic standards.

Goal 3: All students will have technology and information literacy skills.

Goal 4: Research and evaluation will improve the next generation of technology applications for teaching and learning.

Goal 5: Digital content and networked applications will transform teaching and learning.

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